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Boracay – an unexpected return.

5 Jul

We just came back from our brief Boracay vacation. Checked my blog as I want to post details of our trip here and lo and behold! Views are pouring! And they were even better than when I was all over this blog. Unexpected indeed.

Anyway, I’ll be posting details of our recently concluded Boracay vacation. Primarily, so I can remember what we did even after a year or so and secondly, so I can share some insights to those who are yet to go to or wants to go back to Bora. Because before our trip, blogs and forums were my main source of information on anything and everything Boracay. So sit tight. Boracay reminiscing coming up!

*Speaking of Blogs and Forums, here are the links that I found really useful in planning a trip to Boracay:

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