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A post worthy of posting.

11 Mar

Haven’t posted in a while. Been busy at home and at work. Whenever I sit down in front of my laptop and think of something to post, I get kinda lazy. What will I post? Another food or restaurant review? Another how-to guide? Another trip I’ve been to? What makes a post worth posting? Is it when hundreds of readers flock to read it? Is it when people get something out of it? Beats me. I just post what I have in mind.

Worthy of your time?

I’ve been in the need-to-post-something-worth-reading mindset all my years in blogging. (I know, blogging for years and still this sloppy?) Yes, blog posts ought to be engaging and thought provoking. But I think it all depends on the reader. Readers read what they want to read. Some just scan a few sentences and move on. Some look for creative post titles. Some just look at the pictures. So is it really up to them?

Let me take back my first statement. It all depends on the writer. Its how he deliver what he has on mind. Clearly. So that anyone who reads it understand. Then the readers decide for themselves.

Now I got it all mixed up. Let me put it simply. You post, someone reads it. Done deal. I think the worst thing that can happen is that you posted and no one got to read it. Unless you intend for it to be that way. Which is a shame.

There, I’ve said it. Not much thought went into this post. Was this post worthy of posting? Again, beats me. Its up to you to decide my dear reader. Have a good one!

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