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Pinoy Street Food Guide: Laman Loob

19 Jan

Here’s another post about street food. Pinoy street food that is. Laman loob means innards. The inside parts of livestock or poultry. If you haven’t tried eating some, I suggest you do! They’re pretty good! Specially with the right sauce. Here’s the lowdown of the street food featured above.


Isaw is barbecued intestines. There are 3 variants: Manok, Baboy and Baka. (Chicken, Pig and Cow) The best for me is Isaw ng Baka. Besides, cows only eat grass (or at least that’s what we know). But Isaw ng Baboy and Manok also tastes good. Just as long as they’re properly cleaned. If your Isaw tastes funny, (bitter) just think anatomy and physiology and you’ll know what I mean. Price: P3.00 – P10.00


Dugo is blood in english. Who the hell would eat blood?! Uh, vampires? Among all the laman loobs, Dugo is probably the cheapest. A 3-piece Dugo would cost as cheap as P3.00. I honestly don’t know how they make this one. I just know that its blood. Probably Pig blood. Price: P3.00 – P7.00


Forgive me for not knowing. I think its Tenga but I’m really not sure. Tenga is ears by the way. Tastes good. Price: P5.00 – P10.00


Or BBQ or Bar-B-Q. Made from pork meat. Tastes different depending on which store you bought it from. I think it has something to do with the marinade. But then again, I don’t know for sure. Best barbecue I tasted so far was from Amber. Price: P10.00 – P15.00

I know some of these (or maybe all) food will make you wonder if us Filipinos are barbaric in nature. No! We just don’t want to waste. The other parts of a slaughtered animal I mean. Enjoy and don’t throw up on your keyboard. =)

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