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The Work Dilemma.

12 Jan

Yesterday marks my 1st year anniversary at my current work. I joined the company January 11, 2010 and do back office work. Back office meaning, I don’t talk to customers directly unlike when I was a customer service representative. Looking back, I can see how I dreaded almost every job I’m in. Always wanting a new one with better pay, schedule or perks.

After college, I was stuck at home without a job. Since I didn’t “need” one right away, I wasted the entire 2008 trying to find a job I would like. (also the year when I started blogging) But I was inexperienced. Heck, I couldn’t even speak straight English!

Stolen moneys

Image by K@ja via Flickr (no, those are not my hands.)

Eventually, I had to find a job and fortunately, a friend at church offered a part-time job as tutor for Koreans. I figured, why not? So I took it. I never lasted a month. I hated my boss/business owner. (well what do you know, the other employees hate the boss too!) I went freelance and taught for a couple months more. The pay sucks and I eventually got tired. Got to find a “real” job I told myself. So off I went.

Went to a couple of Business Process Outsourcing (OK, call center! Yan, happy?) companies and applied. Got job offers from all but went for the best. They call themselves The Best Place to Work anyway. Started October 2008 and I loved it. For the next 6 months anyway. After half a year, the job was dragging me. I hate being blamed for something I didn’t do and I was experiencing it 8 hours a day, 5 days a week (not to mention overtime). We were handling local credit card customer service so you can just feel the pressure of super demanding customers. Everything from unavailable balance to fraudulent transactions we handled. (Wait, am I supposed to talk about this here? Isn’t this breach of contract? What the heck.) Come my 11th month, I was at the breaking point. I need a job that doesn’t involve talking and listening to customer’s complaints.

I was referred to another BPO-slash-contact center-slash-bank. Went there and applied and was offered a back office post and a little raise. That time, I don’t care if I get a raise on my salary or not. I just wanted to get off the phone. I think most call center agents will agree with me on this. Five days before induction, I resigned from my previous company, rested for a week, then started working. A year passed and I’m still here.

I’m starting to feel anxious and weary again. I want another job. I want a raise, a different schedule, a cool workstation. I want perks and incentives. Looking back, I remember myself trying to desperately earn while commuting to and fro between my Korean students. I remember trying to budget a measly Php3,000 for 15 days. I remember walking more than a kilometer looking for a jeep ride home. I remember being disrespected by rowdy students. I remember wanting more.

Now I tell myself, not bad. Not bad at all. Lesson learned? Learn to appreciate and be content. Plus, the grass is always (and I mean always!) greener on the other side of the fence. Thank God I have a job. =)


The Christmas post.

25 Dec
Per Natale vorrei una stella lucente e bella. ...

As bloggers, I think we’re compelled to write a Christmas post. Everyone has to say something “new” about Christmas. Actually, we need to look in the past for us to really understand the meaning and relevance of Christmas.

Now I’m not gonna write a history lesson about it. Who wants to read a long blog post during Christmas anyway? So I’ll just give you guys some quick facts.

  • Christmas wasn’t really December. Remember the shepherds who went to see the newborn Christ? They were raising sheep. Not the kind of activity you do on a chilly weather.
  • No one said Christ was visited by 3 kings. The Bible said they were wise men. And it also didn’t specifically say they were just 3.
  • The bright star that the shepherds follow was actually a planet. The planet Venus.

That day, God became man. A sign of his great love to us.

How many lives have you touched?

21 Sep

We have but a brief time here on earth. According to the CIA, Filipino lifespans are at most, 71 years. Sandali lang yun! I’m almost 25 years old. So may 46 years nalang ako? Nyak. Ilang buhay na kaya ang na-touch ko? Ang na-touch mo? Mga taong na bless dahil sayo? Nagkaron ng pag-asa at bumuti ang buhay dahil nakilala ka nila? Marami ba? O puro nalang problema at pasakit ang dala natin sa buhay ng iba.

An average person will meet thousands of people in their lives. Kung sikat kang musician, madami sigurado ang na-touch sa songs mo. Kung isa kang pastor o lingkod ng Diyos, aba, ilang libong buhay na siguro ang nagbago dahil sa iyo.

Di kailangang maging isang “people person” para ma-touch mo ang buhay ng isang tao. May mga pagkakataon nga na hindi mo alam na naging blessing ka na sa isang tao o pamilya. Mabuti kung mayroong lalapit sayo at magsasabing sila ay napagpala ng iyong buhay. Pero “rare” lang yun at minsan may hidden agenda pa pala. (baka mangungutang o ano man)

So continue blessing and touching other people’s lives. Whoever you are. However it may be. Here are some of the people that have touched my life.

Another Day of God’s Mercy and Grace

18 Sep

Not over an hour ago before I started writing this post, I hit a girl while riding my motorbike.

We were on our way home from work and are riding somewhere on the East Service Road in Taguig. I saw 2 girls crossing the street from afar. They were already halfway when one of the girls got confused and ran back to the side of the road where they came from. I tried to warn her by honking my horn and also tried to slow down but it was already too late. I hit her, I got off my balance and slid. My left foot got stuck under my motorbike and I can’t pull myself up. Lee (friend and officemate) arrived moments later. I waved at him as he was approaching and asked for help. He immediately pulled over and carried me and my bike to the side.

When I got up, I felt pain as I saw my right hand with a wound. My left thumbnail also was bleeding. Limping, I immediately went to the girl to see if she’s fine. She had a bump on her forehead. I made sure she hasn’t suffered any fractured bones or anything. She’s shaking, but she looks fine. Lee offered to bring her to the hospital but the girl refused. The 2 girls were even blaming each other as to why the accident happened. We went back to my bike to see any major damage and if can still use it to go home. Turned out there was none. We looked back and saw the girls already leaving the scene as if nothing happened. I called the girl I hit and asked if she was really ok. She said yes and said sorry.

Lee asked if I wanted to stay and rest for awhile. I told him I’ll see if I can still ride and that we’ll rest under the bridge where there is shade and away from the scene. Arriving under the bridge, I already feel stinging pain on my left leg since it was this side of my body that got slammed on the pavement. I removed my jacket and saw a huge abrasion under my left elbow. We rested a bit more and went on our way home.

Thank you Lee for helping out. It was not chance that we went home together and that you were a few meters behind me. (If he was right behind me, he would have ran over the girl or me.) I sincerely hope that girl is fine.

Thank you Lord for keeping us safe. Praises are yours alone. I’m really glad no one was badly hurt.

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