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Boracay – an unexpected return.

5 Jul

We just came back from our brief Boracay vacation. Checked my blog as I want to post details of our trip here and lo and behold! Views are pouring! And they were even better than when I was all over this blog. Unexpected indeed.

Anyway, I’ll be posting details of our recently concluded Boracay vacation. Primarily, so I can remember what we did even after a year or so and secondly, so I can share some insights to those who are yet to go to or wants to go back to Bora. Because before our trip, blogs and forums were my main source of information on anything and everything Boracay. So sit tight. Boracay reminiscing coming up!

*Speaking of Blogs and Forums, here are the links that I found really useful in planning a trip to Boracay:


The procrastinator in me.

17 Apr

I hate being idle.

One of the things I hate most is letting time fly doing nothing productive. When I wake up everyday, I mentally remind myself of the things I need to do. But, more often than not, I end up doing nothing. It’s not like I’m lazy, but I tend to put off my chores until I decide to do them tomorrow instead.

Like our living room now. It has been cluttered the whole week. Been wanting to clean it but the procrastinator in me keeps on telling me to just do it during the weekend. Now come weekend and still, I’ve been looking for excuses not to clean up.

This has got to stop. I’ll be starting now. Right now! No wait, I think I’m gonna eat first. Haha.

Shift in priorities.

8 Apr

This is one of those post that tells you the author is going to be busy for a while and that blog updates would be scarce.

Busy transitioning to my new company, loss of my internet connection, and plain old laziness are some of the things I’m dealing with right now.

Hope to be back on blogging as soon as possible. Still, please do leave comments, suggestions and feedback as I’ll still check the blog from time to time.

New theme by the way. I love grunge themes so I’m giving Rusty Grunge a try. Will be tweaking it out soon (hopefully) so please bear with the bareness of the blog.

Ciao! (Wait, is “ciao” synonymous to “let’s eat”? Or maybe that’s “chow”? What the…)

Summer’s here!

27 Mar

Bah! I hate summer! In a tropical country like ours, summer can be a heck of a discomfort. (Just glad that El Nino thing is over… for now) Nothing is wrong with a little heat. The one thing that makes it unbearable is humidity. When it is humid, our bodies won’t sweat as much, thereby making us feel uncomfortable and hot. The only people I think who loves summer are students because of their summer vacation.

Here are some more reasons to hate summer:

  • Electric bills skyrocketing. Because of the heat, people tend to use more fans or air-conditioning to cool themselves up. Also, because the students are at home for their vacation, expect TVs and other appliances to add up on that electric bill.
  • Fire! Ever wonder why Fire Prevention Month is done at March? Forest fires are common because of dried leaves fueling even the slightest of fire. Also, because of the heat, electrical appliances tend to overheat and well, cause fires.
  • Overpriced vacations.

Of course, there is also a positive side of summer.

  • Summer outings! Need I say more? Everyone, off to the beach!
  • Longer daytime. The sunlight lasts as late as 6pm! Wow.
  • Lighter traffic because there are less students going to their schools.

What can I say? No doubt, summer is already here and there’s not much I can do about it (except enjoy).

A post worthy of posting.

11 Mar

Haven’t posted in a while. Been busy at home and at work. Whenever I sit down in front of my laptop and think of something to post, I get kinda lazy. What will I post? Another food or restaurant review? Another how-to guide? Another trip I’ve been to? What makes a post worth posting? Is it when hundreds of readers flock to read it? Is it when people get something out of it? Beats me. I just post what I have in mind.

Worthy of your time?

I’ve been in the need-to-post-something-worth-reading mindset all my years in blogging. (I know, blogging for years and still this sloppy?) Yes, blog posts ought to be engaging and thought provoking. But I think it all depends on the reader. Readers read what they want to read. Some just scan a few sentences and move on. Some look for creative post titles. Some just look at the pictures. So is it really up to them?

Let me take back my first statement. It all depends on the writer. Its how he deliver what he has on mind. Clearly. So that anyone who reads it understand. Then the readers decide for themselves.

Now I got it all mixed up. Let me put it simply. You post, someone reads it. Done deal. I think the worst thing that can happen is that you posted and no one got to read it. Unless you intend for it to be that way. Which is a shame.

There, I’ve said it. Not much thought went into this post. Was this post worthy of posting? Again, beats me. Its up to you to decide my dear reader. Have a good one!

Bye, February! Hello, March!

28 Feb

February’s almost over. For me, its one of the busiest months of the year. There’s my birthday, Valentines and the EDSA revolution. I decided to take down the grunge theme and replaced it with a simple theme. Not much posts this month but the Gerry’s Grill Tagaytay post is racking up views. I think I’ll visit more restaurants in Tagaytay and post reviews of them as well. 2 months down, 10 to go.

The Coca-Cola Happiness Truck.

24 Feb

This 3 minutes and 51 second video will surely make you smile. Kudos to the Coca-Cola company for coming up with this great idea. It’s not just marketing, it’s marketing with a smile.

“It’s the little things. The little unexpected things that people remember.”

My new toy. =)

15 Feb

In reference to my previous post, I finally got it! A Nikon d5000 Digital Single-lens Reflex camera! Given to me by my wife as a birthday gift. (Thanks a lot baby!)

I was torn between the new Nikon d3100 and the Nikon d5000. The d3100 is newer and has improved High Definition video recording. But there was something about the d5000 I like. Something the d3100 doesn’t have. Probably its bracketing and some other features but honestly, I don’t know… yet.

Still need to learn a LOT about my new camera. Hopefully, I’ll be taking good and stunning photographs soon. Again, I thank my girl for giving me this. Booyah!

The 5 Stages of Coping

24 Jan
Red sunset

Image via Wikipedia

I think one trademark of us humans is our ability to cope. Whenever we lose something (a job or a marriage) or someone (loved one or a family member) and are devastated, we undergo the process of coping. According to

The five stages of the Kübler-Ross stage model are the best-known description of the emotional and psychological responses that many people experience when faced with a life-threatening illness or life-changing situation. These stages don’t only apply to loss as a result of death but may also occur in someone who experience a different life-changing event such as a divorce or loss of a job.

These stages are not meant to be complete or chronological. Not everyone who experiences a life-threatening or life-changing event feels all five of the responses nor will everyone who does experience them do so in the order that is written. Reactions to illness, death, and loss are as unique as the person experiencing them.

The five stages of coping with dying were described by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in her classic book On Death and Dying in 1969. The stages have been abbreviated as DABDA and stand for:

Denial. You can’t accept it. You know how people react when told of bad news? They’re stunned. They get cold hands and feet. Oftentimes, the only thing they can say is: “No! That can’t be!” Denial.

Anger. You fell angry. Sometimes the anger is towards another person or a circumstance. It could be anger towards  something that took your something/someone away. Other times, you fell angry at yourself. “Why did I let it happen?”

Bargaining. You offer something in exchange. Some say “Of all the bad people in the world, why him?” or “Bakit ikaw pa? Sana ako nalang!” (Why does it have to be you? I wish it was me!”)

Depression. All is lost. You can’t eat. You can’t function normally. Nothing makes sense. For you, the world has stopped and lost its meaning.

Acceptance. You let go. This can take years. Some don’t even reach this stage. They just cycle with the 4 stages and just can’t let go.

The only comfort we have in times like this is to know that everything happens for a reason (Romans 8:28, The Holy Bible) and that there is life after death. I’d like to share a piece of Dream Theater’s song The Spirit Carries On.

“Move on, be brave
Don’t weep at my grave
Because I am no longer here
But please never let
Your memory of me disappear”

“If I die tomorrow
I’d be all right
Because I believe
That after we’re gone
The spirit carries on…”

I’m gonna get you… one way or another.

23 Jan

No, I’m not talking about killing someone. I’m talking about the thing I so wanted to have right now. A Digital Single-Lens Reflex camera commonly known as DSLR.


Back then, I’m into videos. Don’t know what caused the shift but I love doing them both. I love taking pictures and being able to share them others. We have a couple of point-and-shoot cameras of decent quality but my problem with those kind of cameras are the images they produce. I like to call them bland photos. I can’t have enough detail on the photo to be able to show others how good or breathtaking my subject is. I have a lot of things to consider. The bills ain’t gonna pay themselves, right?

So why not get one?

Ah. That’s the problem. You see, I don’t have the money to buy it right now. You may have had yours as a gift or bought it yourself. Good for you. I, however, am not that lucky my friend.

What now?

The million dollar question. What now? I was once an impulsive buyer. Whenever I decide to have something, I usually get it in less than half a month. How? Never mind the specifics, but what I did mostly was the buy-it-now-problems-later approach. I’ll buy the item now and worry about the money I spent later. This time, I’ll SAVE.

You heard me, save. Whoever told you that saving is easy was lying! (or its just me) I’ve been saving for a lot of things ever since I can read and write. I was not able to reach even half my goal. I either went impulsive and bought what I want right away or changed my mind and bought something else. I hope its different this time.

I’ll be making a How to Save post after I successfully start saving. Collating everything I learn from it.

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