Summer’s here!

27 Mar

Bah! I hate summer! In a tropical country like ours, summer can be a heck of a discomfort. (Just glad that El Nino thing is over… for now) Nothing is wrong with a little heat. The one thing that makes it unbearable is humidity. When it is humid, our bodies won’t sweat as much, thereby making us feel uncomfortable and hot. The only people I think who loves summer are students because of their summer vacation.

Here are some more reasons to hate summer:

  • Electric bills skyrocketing. Because of the heat, people tend to use more fans or air-conditioning to cool themselves up. Also, because the students are at home for their vacation, expect TVs and other appliances to add up on that electric bill.
  • Fire! Ever wonder why Fire Prevention Month is done at March? Forest fires are common because of dried leaves fueling even the slightest of fire. Also, because of the heat, electrical appliances tend to overheat and well, cause fires.
  • Overpriced vacations.

Of course, there is also a positive side of summer.

  • Summer outings! Need I say more? Everyone, off to the beach!
  • Longer daytime. The sunlight lasts as late as 6pm! Wow.
  • Lighter traffic because there are less students going to their schools.

What can I say? No doubt, summer is already here and there’s not much I can do about it (except enjoy).


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