My Palawan Getaway: Day 1

18 Feb

Last February 12, my wife showed me Palawan’s great beauty. We went there for a 3-day tour and this is my personal account of the journey. We stayed at Puerto Princesa by the way.

The earliest flight to Puerto Princesa, Palawan via Cebu Pacific leaves Manila at 8am. Not much to tell except that we arrived at Palawan 20 minutes early than what was scheduled. Pretty neat. Score 1 for CebuPac.

An hour after arriving, I did what most would consider a waste of precious time. I slept. Can’t blame me. I wasn’t sure where to go just yet. Another hour passed, we had lunch. After lunch, I rented a tricycle as my service around the city with Kuya Richard as my pilot. *People here are so used of dealing with tourists that Kuya Richard was the one who planned my itenerary for me. 🙂


Start of my tour! First stop, a convenience store for batteries!


Looked down and saw my shorts and shirt drizzled with motor oil. Apparently, the motor oil cap burst open while we were moving. Nothing to be upset about as Kuya Richard was extremely apologetic and it was nobody’s fault. I know smell motor oil. Not the insect repellent I was thinking about.


On our way to Crocodile Farm, Kuya Richard told me of their annual tree planting activity at one of the mountains there. Everyone able would go to the mountains and plant a tree. Transportation is provided by the municipal government.


Crocodile Farm! Had to wait awhile since they let people in only every 30 minutes. Saw a huge 60-year old crocodile! And I mean huge! There are also some other land animals and birds within the park. Spent a good hour inside.


Off to Butterfly Farm!


Butterfly Farm is a small place full of different types of butterflies and moths. They were already calm when I entered. If you want to see them fluttering all over the place, better visit when the weather’s hot. Stayed for 20 minutes. Might’ve been shorter if not for Kuya Caretaker’s informative lecture.


Mitra’s Mansion. Not much to see here. More of a stopover than an actual attraction. Its a mansion on top of a hill overlooking some mountains and a field.


Baker’s Hill! This one looks more like a hotel/restaurant/outdoor park/mini zoo/garden rolled into one. They sell their famous Hopia hot off the bakery. It has been renovated to a pasalubong shop/stopover for tourists. The garden here is quite nice.

My tour was cut short as I need to head back the hotel and wash up for dinner at the also famous KaLui restaurant. We made a quick stop to St. Peter’s funeral parlor for a photo inside a pink coffin.

I’ll be posting information on the places I visited while I was in Palawan in a few days. 😉


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