The awesome music mashups of DJ Earworm.

8 Jan
DJ Earworm DJ Earworm DJ Earworm DJ Earworm DJ...

I love music! I listen to music everytime I have the chance. That’s why I fell in love with iPods. (but that’s a different story.) I also try to listen and appreciate different music genres as much as I can. I simply love music.

My sister introduced me to this DJ who has done some incredible remixes and mashups. I’m really not a fan of DJs but this one is different. Meet DJ Earworm. Here’s how he describes what he does: Basically, what I do is take a bunch of songs apart and put them back together again in a different way. I end up with tracks called mashups, which I post to [this] website. I personally love his year end mashups which are remixes of the top songs of the year. The most awesome part of it is, he even makes a music video to go with it! How cool is that? Here’s his latest work, United State of Pop 2010 (Don’t Stop the Pop).

To listen, watch and download DJ Earworm’s work, head to his website at

Happy listening!


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