Are you a Morning Person?

22 Nov
Full sunrise

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What is a Morning Person anyway? From what I’ve read, morning persons are people who generally feels at their best during the hours before noon. These people are the ones who wake up early in the morning. (some even when the sun is still not up)

I kinda gotten used to being a morning person myself. Probably because of my work’s schedule which starts at 3am. Waking up early has its benefits. Although it also means you have to go to bed early. Here are some reasons why I love mornings.

  • The air is cool, clean and crisp.  In my opinion, this is the best time to exercise.
  • Less or no traffic at all. My trip to the office takes me less than 30 minutes but going back will take me a good hour or more.
  • Peaceful. No honking horns, no children shouting at the top of their lungs, no nonsense chatter at the public transport.

Of course, it also has its disadvantages:

  • Less people to help you in case of trouble.
  • Transportation is somewhat hard to come by.
  • Shops are still closed.

Still, I love the mornings.


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