Got my Exile From Mainstream CD!

25 Oct

I like music and I’m a big fan of Matchbox Twenty. I have this habit of discovering old bands and songs. Matchbox had been around for quite some time. I remember listening to some of their songs a few years back but it wasn’t until now that I’ve appreciated them as a whole.

For those who don’t know them, they’re lead by vocalist Rob Thomas who sang for Santana in the ever popular song, Smooth. Matchbox Twenty was behind the hits Push, Unwell, If You’re Gone, Bent, 3am, Disease and Bright Lights. Exile On Mainstream is their current album featuring 7 new songs plus 10 classic hits.

  1. How Far We’ve Come
  2. I’ll Believe You When
  3. All Your Reasons
  4. These Hard Times
  5. If I Fall
  6. Can’t Let You Go
  7. Long Day
  8. Push
  9. 3 am
  10. Real World
  11. Back 2 Good
  12. Bent
  13. If You’re Gone
  14. Mad Season
  15. Disease
  16. Unwell
  17. Bright Lights

For starters, you might want to listen to their classics such as Push, Unwell and Downfall. My current favorite is How Far We’ve Come. Boyce Avenue already did an acoustic cover so you also might want to check that out.

If you love a song, then support its artists by buying their CD. And I mean their ORIGINAL CD. Downloaded/burned music is stealing. Period. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a thief myself (music thief, that is) but I make it an effort to support my favorite bands/artists by buying their works. I could go on ranting about piracy but let’s save it for another day. Next on my wish list: Maroon 5’s Hands All Over album.


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