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4 Oct

How many hours in a day are you online? In a week? Let’s say you surf the internet for 2 hours a day. In a week, you would have been online for 14 hours! What do you do online anyway? Facebook? Youtube? Why not let the internet work for you? How would you want to earn while surfing the internet?

I hate it when I’m idle so I decided to look for ways of earning online. First off, YOU CAN earn online. It would not have been possible a few years back but believe me, the internet is now littered with legitimate ways of earning online. I’ve been doing my research and here are just some of the ways to earn online. From programs that require investments, to clicking ads, to blogging. Look for one that suits your available time and resources.

I’ll be categorizing your options and will also label them according to risk. High risk would mean investing some amount of money and unstable conditions whereas low risk means there is little or no investing required.

High Risk Online Money Makers

As with business, the higher the risk, the higher the earning potential. If you like taking risks and don’t mind throwing out a couple of bucks, these programs are for you. Did I say this is also for the impatient? Return of investment plus earning will not take more than a month.

Autosurf Programs. What is autosurf? Well, the basic idea of autosurfing is browsing webpages from advertisers and companies and getting paid from it. It’s diffrent from Paid-to-click programs in a sense that you don’t click advertisements but rather view websites.

High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP). For most, HYIPs are scams and for good reason. HYIPs work on the premise of investing and recruitment. A good percent of HYIPs out there are scams and/or Ponzi schemes. Still, you can earn quickly if you’re vigilant and smart.

Low Risk Online Money Makers

For those who like little or no risk money makers. Low risk means more patience and effort on your part. Join these programs if you don’t like to shell out cash for investments and if you have a lot of time in your hands.

Paid-to-Click Programs. I’m not a big fan of Paid-to-click (PTC) programs. Probably because it takes time before you actually can withdraw your earnings and you have to also recruit quite a number or new members for you to actually make money out of it. Still, many people earn from it.

Blogging. Who would’ve thought blogs would become such a hit? There are blogs just about anything! From food to travel, blogs have become quite a common name on the internet. Seasoned bloggers earn as much as $1000 a month by placing ads on their blogs. Almost anyone can make a blog but not everyone can make money out of it. If you have something worth sharing, blog it then monetize your blog.

Online Trade. Take the good ol’ barter trade into a new level. Buying and selling online is easier than ever before. With sites like,, and many more, your online store could be selling thousands in no time. Have a gift in arts and crafts? How about t-shirt making? Corporate giveaways? The internet could be your marketplace.

This page will be updated when new offers exist. Until then, pick one that you might want to start on and go from there.

Note: Detailed step-by-step guides will only be available to programs that I personally use.


2 Responses to “Online Money Makers”

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