Introduction to Autosurf Programs

27 Sep

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I’ve never really believed earning online was possible until now. I’m fairly new this business specially Autosurfing. I use to believe these kind of programs are scams (albeit most of them are) until Boss Mirko (of forum) introduced me to an Autosurf program. That’s when my passion for looking for ways to earn online started.

What are Autosurf programs?  According to Wikipedia, Autosurfs are traffic exchanges that automatically rotate advertised websites in one’s web browser. Therefore, they are capable of bringing a large amount of traffic to the advertised websites. Members earn credits for each site that they view, which can then be spent to advertise members’ sites by adding them to the autosurf rotation or withdraw them as cash.

In short, you view websites and get paid. There are 2 approaches to earning with autosurf programs. The 1st is pure autosurfing. The 2nd is paid autosurfing. In pure autosurfing, you surf the required websites per day and get paid. Paid autosurfing however requires you to pay for membership to the autosurf site, then view the required websites per day and earn. The difference? Pure autosurfing takes a long time for you to even earn a dollar which can be very annoying specially if you’re impatient. Very rare can you earn $1/day with pure autosurfing.

Paid autosurfing on the other hand, pays depending on the membership plan you availed. For example, a $50 membership plan will let you view 40 sites a day for 12 days and get $16 profit. The larger the membership plan, the higher the profit. As of this writing, I currently have a paid autosurf investment of $140 and I plan to add more.

For a list of the current, new and paying Autosurf programs you may visit these sites:  HYIP Observer or HYIP Monitor


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