The Final Hour

24 Sep
Clack on the wall. It is self adjusting one by...

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What will you do if this is your final hour? How will you spend the last 60 minutes of your life? Close your eyes for a moment and think it over. Hard isn’t it?

Will you hug your spouse and never let go? Withdraw all your money and give it to strangers? Run to your family and tell them how much you love them? Call your enemies and ask for forgiveness? Embrace your friends and thank them for everything? Finalize your final will and testament? Have a flashback of your entire life? Tell that special someone everything you wanted to say? Drop on your knees and weep? Celebrate? Make peace with your God? I believe we’ll all agree that our final hour will be spent worthily, making the most out of every second.

Nowadays, it’s so easy to waste time. Everywhere you look, there is always something to do. Watch TV. Text. Facebook. Youtube. Mall. Movies. You name it. Sometimes we never stop to think of all the things that are waiting to be done. We humans have developed a passion for cramming and procrastination.

Let’s get back to the things you want to do on your final minutes in this world. Can some of them be done right now? Have you been putting it on hold for quite some time? Why not do it now when you still have time?

Because for all we know, we could already be living in our final hour. Time’s up.


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