Credit Cards: Pinas Edition

10 Sep
Credit cards

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 Do you own a credit card? Do you want to have one? Do you have one but are having a hard time managing it?

In the next couple of days, I’ll be blogging about credit cards. (from here on lets call them CC) The title says Pinas Edition because I’ll be dealing primarily with CCs issued in the Philippines. I’ve been a CC owner for more than a year now. I was also a previous employee of a local bank that offers CCs.  My goal is to give you a beginner’s guide to having, owning and maintaining a CC. I’ll try to keep the financial jargons to a minimum so people with zero credit card exposure could still follow.

My outline looks something like this:

  1. Why do I need a credit card?
  2. How do I get one? (banks that offer CCs, their requirements, procedures in applying)
  3. How to use and maintain one. (card activation, terms and conditions, special features, cut-off and due date, charges)
  4. Dangers of owning a CC.
  5. Hope for previous CC owners who were not able to handle their accounts well.

Please do understand that I’m not an expert in this matter. Everything I’m sharing is from my personal experiences and information I got from researching and asking. If you think I forgot an important topic, please let me know.

Stay tuned!


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