“Ber” is finally here!

1 Sep
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Today marks the beginning of the so-called “ber” months. Ber because the remaining 4 months on our calendar all ends in -ber.

Here in the Philippines, people anticipate the last few months of the year probably because of the barrage of happy events that are to happen.

We have all souls/saints day (although a time of remembering loved ones who passed away, its still a cherised tradition as it brings families together). Then we have the salary bonuses coupled with sales on almost every mall.

Of course, Christmas! An event all of us look forward to. The parties, the reunions, the gift giving! The love and the warmth of Christmas in the Philippines is unlike any other.

Expect to see Christmas countdowns on TV, radio and even the internet anytime soon because the ber months are here. =)


2 Responses to ““Ber” is finally here!”

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